Vegetable Milks and Yogurts

a workshop where through easy and fast preparations we achieve a food of great nutritional level. FERmenting seeds, we will prepare yogurth, milks and smoothies.


Hot and cold preparations that accompany you every day for breakfast and snacks. Milks and yogurts are bases for endless preparations, incorporating them into your diet and your kitchen, they only depend on your creativity. You will be able to incorporate these raw materials in sauces, smoothies, desserts, dips, doughs, cheeses etc.

We will learn how to make granolas with the correct use of seeds, we will know the ideal way to incorporate them so as not to generate deficiencies and optimize their function in our dishes.
Suggest correct combinations of fruits, seeds and cereals as certain combinations are indigestible.



Cleaning, Seed activation.

Seed fermentation

Vegetable milks: almonds, coconut, cashews.

Chai Latte with almond milk

Latte Macchiato, organic ground coffee and coconut and almond milk.

Chocolate and raw version "Rawcolatada"

Coconut yogurth

Almond yogurth

Cashew yogurt

Matcha Smoothie

Banana and Cardamom Smoothie

  • Dates


    Saturday, March 14, from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. 


    Saturday, May 2, from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. 

  • Value 

    $1800 – Class lasts approximately 2 hours. You don't need to have experience or bring anything. Includes materials, recipes and tasting.



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Who is it addressed to?

Cooking is a fundamental and inescapable act like eating. If you don't do it, someone does it for you, and this can be dangerous in times of hyper-industrialization, where food is taken as a commodity. Learning to eat and cook is everyone's responsibility. In short, EVERYONE can learn in CRUDO.

  • Amateurs, Amateurs. GASTRONOMIC professionals who want to include sustainable techniques in their kitchens.


The amount that has been deposited, transferred or paid by any means will not be refunded in any case. Cancelling up to 5 days before the date of the course, the balance remains in favor for upcoming courses, seminars, workshops or classes, for the next 30 days.