Sour Dough

by Germán Torres

3 classes next to Germán Torres. You will make your own bread, know the cycles of the sourdough, kneading techniques and get a healthier product that accompanies you every day.


Class 1 / Mother mass, the spirit of bread.

Introduction to sourdough. Fundamental principles of bread and its philosophy.
Creation of our own sourdough, with guidelines of follow-up and feeding of it.
Recognition, selection and use of the various grains and bread-free flours
Practical introduction to liquid masses:
recipe for whole-grain, crispy and airy pizza dough, with poolish
and sourdough. Tasting.

Class 2 /Your own bread.

We'll see how to use sourdough as a natural yeast.
We will review the mother masses created in the previous class.
We will make a country bread looking at new techniques of bollard, cutting and baking.
Tasting of country bread, with olive and cashew cheese.
Comparison of a bread made in class with one with 24 hs of fermentation. Whole recipes of ciabatta with coconut oil, focaccia with olives, walnut bread

Class 3 / Bread athome.

Nourishing breads, with flour mixture. We'll see how to make a seed bark and an Indian chard pie. We will see audiovisual material of food awareness, so that in our houses there is always aroma of freshly baked bread, because we believe that it is the aroma that transforms a house into a home. Tasting breads with organic jam

  • Dates

    Mass Mother is a course of 3 fully practical classes. Materials, recipes and tasting are included. You don't need to be experienced or bring anything.





  • Value 

    $4350 in the 3-class course.

    Each class lasts approximately 2 hours.

    You don't need to have experience or bring anything.

    Includes materials, recipes and tasting.


    To reserve your place it is necessary to make the payment of 50 ( $2175) of the value as a sign, this payment can be made from this page with Credit Card, Debit, Easy Payment or Rapipago through the collection platform Mercado Pago


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Who is it addressed to?

Cooking is a fundamental and inescapable act like eating. If you don't do it, someone does it for you, and this can be dangerous in times of hyper-industrialization, where food is taken as a commodity. Learning to eat and cook should be everyone's responsibility. In short, EVERYONE can learn in CRUDO.

  • Amateurs, Amateurs.

  • GASTRONOMIC professionals who want to include sustainable techniques in their kitchens.

How do I reserve my place in the Class?

You can book your place by writing to [email protected] Or make payment for the reservation through Mercado Pago. 

When making your reservation with 50 per market payment or transfer please write to us to confirm your place.


The amount that has been deposited, transferred or paid by any means will not be refunded in any case. Cancelling up to 5 days before the date of the course, the balance remains in favor for upcoming courses, seminars, workshops or classes, for the next 30 days.