Through gastronomy, we try to understand the world..

At CRUDO we teach you how to cook.

It is not just a question of transforming and combining food, but about knowing the physiological, economic, cultural and ecological aspects of food. Knowing who produces food and how it does it, understanding how our body reacts to them and how best to eat it is as important as putting it on a plate.

It takes nothing but curiosity to come to CRUDO. You don't need experience, here we develop it. Students, cooks, doctors, nutritionists, chronic seekers, serial killers, paratroopers, candidates for president. At CRUDO we don't discriminate against anyone for what they think or eat. We do not fight any tradition, the only enemy is ignorance.

CRUDO is not a traditional cooking school. You choose what to learn and when you want to do it. We have different teachers who teach different things from different points of view. Sometimes they match and sometimes they don't. Diversity and plurality also take place here.

We do not use animal products at CRUDO. We're looking for alternatives.

We don't form cooks, we form gourmets. We start from the beginning, we're in CRUDe.