Maximo Cabrera

Maximo Cabrera

He was born in Balcarce, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Self-taught cook, researcher and musician. He inherited from his mother a love of cooking and his father's respect for the land, food and its traditions.

I study biology, specializing in metabolic processes related to food. From that moment he began a long career of research and experimentation in various kitchens and disciplines related to the health of people and the planet. In Bs. Ace. is part of the first organic gastronomic projects, promoting sustainability and fair trade. Needing a space to develop his new ideas, in 2006 he decided to open his house. Bringing KENSHO to life. One of the first closed-door restaurants in Buenos Aires, drawing the attention of media outlets such as "New York Times and Washington Post, among others.

Máximo is called by Slow Food to participate in the large network of Terra Madre networks, representing Argentina. From its innovative cuisine arises the need to share knowledge with colleagues and diners. It develops an educational work that not only goes through the kitchen, but multiple aspects related to it:

"A good cook must be connected to his environment, his products and his history to be a responsible actor in his time."

That is why he decides to open his laboratory and create Estudio Crudo, an interdisciplinary educational space aimed at both diners and gastronomic professionals Desde Crudo holds lectures, advice, product development, classes, books, actively participating in the local and international gastronomic and educational scene.