Through gastronomy, we try to understand the world


CRUDeR is a cooking studio where we teach cooking, taking into account multiple approaches involved with food, its production and its enjoyment. At CRUDO we believe that food culture is in continuous development, we are clear about the impact of food on health, the ecosystem and the economy. CRUDeD, means from the beginning, from the beginning and from the food before any transformation. In raw we teach you how to cook. We grow cooks and diners. We revalue indigenous products and generate new culinary applications with them.



Our goal is to professionalize this new cuisine that is captivating the world, that's why we choose gastronomic professionals and researchers of great trajectory and sufficient training. All of them have been traversed by evolution and change. This new paradigm bases culinary on vegetables, minerals and invisible organisms that provide us with richer and easier to assimilate foods. Crudo works under the curatorship of Máximo Cabrera, chef and researcher, who has dedicated his gastronomic career to the development of products based on high quality vegetables and their dissemination. In Crudo we have many collaborators; doctors, scientists, journalists, photographers, food stylists, who complete the CRUM universe and are reflected in our networks and in our Master Classes.



Cooking is a fundamental and inescapable act like eating. If you don't do it, someone does it for you, and this can be dangerous in times of hyper-industrialization, where food is taken as a commodity. Learning to eat and cook should be everyone's responsibility. In short, EVERYONE can learn in CRUDO.