To start practicing with fermented drinks, one of the most versatile is the fermentation of Kefir’s nodules.

This recipe, you need the same Kefir to achieve the fermented drink.
Let’s use this post to connect and have those who already have their community of nodules nurtured, share.

Water Kefir Recipe


3 tbcds of hydrated kefir nodules

50 grams of sugar

1 handful of raisins

1/2 Lemon

1 liter of filtered water.

Place the ingredients in the bottle, cover with a canvas and leave 24 hours at rest and a warm place protected from direct sunlight. If you leave a third of the air, you’re going to get more gas. After 24 hours, stir and hold rest for another 24 hours. Finally, remove the nodules, strain the remaining liquid, mix with the lemon juice and package the KEFIR in a bottle for later consumption. The end result is a carbonated drink, very little sweet, barely acidic and with a taste of cider, due to the presence of carbon dioxide and alcohol.
With the nodules cast, restart the process.
The growth of the nodules and their multiplication is the greatest indicator of the correct activity of the ferment and the quality of the crop, as they must increase in each production.
As the water kefir is more pleasant lyching, it is advisable to keep it in the fridge. “Clorofilia” by Máximo Cabrera